Les Twins brothers Larry and Laurent Bourgeois known as LES TWINS are internationally known New Style Hip-Hop dancers, originally from Sarcelles, France. They are members of a larger group of dancers known as the Criminalz Crew.

Each one of them has his own personal style and dance techniques.

As they said, their hobbies are: Dancing, golf, cooking, and babysitting.



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  1. You guys are awesome… The only dance I do well is chair dancing while playing musical chairs. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Khaliya says:

    The best dancers ive seen in a while and i really hope they come to miami, florida. If someone actually reading this, follow my instagram @khaliahn_ or khaliya B i hope to get the twins to follow me ;D love them.

  3. jmaa says:


  4. danielle says:

    i love them so much and they are some good dancers and i hope they come tp houston or san antanio :) someday

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